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Art of Grappling USA
Tampa's Premier Jiu Jitsu & Sport MMA Tournament For Kids, Teens & Adults!
Next Event: September 24, 2016
Kids / Teens / Adults
Tampa Convention Center
Are you ready to own the mat? 
Now Offering *4* Divisions!!
No Gi 
Sport MMA 
The Ultimate Fighter Division*
Compete in Your Gi against Novice, Beginners, Intermediate, & Advanced Grapplers

Competitors are separated by age, weight, & skill Level
Compete without your gi against novice, beginners, intermediate, & Advanced Grapplers

Competitors are separated by age, weight, & skill Level
strap on your headgear, mouthpiece, mma gloves, & shin guards and compete against novice, beginner, intermediate & advanced MMA competitors.

Competitors are separated by age, weight, & skill Level 

*Kids/Teens Only
*brand New* Division!
test yourself to see if you are The Ultimate Fighter! 
Compete in (3) consecutive rounds against 1 other competitor.  
1st Round - No Gi Jiu Jitsu
2nd round - Kickboxing
3rd Round - Sport MMA
Best out of 3 gets crowned 

*Kids/Teens Only
Ready to Own The Mat?!
 Enter Your Information below to receive
our Full Informational Packet!
Rules, Divisions, Weight Classes, Illegal Moves, & Schedule
Here are some helpful maps to make your trip to compete smooth! We recommend parking in the Tampa convention Center Garage and entering the venue from franklin street.  Parking Rates are about $1.60 per hour.  Our Tournament will be held in the west hall of the convention center on the 2nd floor.
Questions? Contact Us!
Art of Grappling USA
4244 W Waters Ave
Tampa, FL 33614
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