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Tampa's Premier Jiu Jitsu & Sport MMA Tournament For Kids, Teens & Adults!
Next Event: September 24, 2016
Kids / Teens / Adults
Tampa Convention Center
Are you ready to own the mat? 
Now Offering *4* Divisions!!
No Gi 
Sport MMA 
The Ultimate Fighter Division*
Compete in Your Gi against Novice, Beginners, Intermediate, & Advanced Grapplers

Competitors are separated by age, weight, & skill Level
Compete without your gi against novice, beginners, intermediate, & Advanced Grapplers

Competitors are separated by age, weight, & skill Level
strap on your headgear, mouthpiece, mma gloves, & shin guards and compete against novice, beginner, intermediate & advanced MMA competitors.

Competitors are separated by age, weight, & skill Level 

*Kids/Teens Only
*brand New* Division!
test yourself to see if you are The Ultimate Fighter! 
Compete in (3) consecutive rounds against 1 other competitor.  
1st Round - WRestling/BJJ
2nd round - Kickboxing
3rd Round - Sport MMA
Best out of 3 gets crowned 

*Kids/Teens Only
Ready to Own The Mat?!
 Enter Your Information below to receive
our Full Informational Packet!
Rules, Divisions, Weight Classes, Illegal Moves, & Schedule

Questions? Contact Us!
Art of Grappling USA
4244 W Waters Ave
Tampa, FL 33614
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