Hi, my name is Cris "MidgetTwister" Rodriguez and I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and 3rd Degree Black Belt in TKD.

I've spent the last 20 years of my life Teaching Martial Arts. 

I am a self proclaimed Serial Entrepreneur...

I am the Co-Owner of Gracie PAC MMA.

I am the Co-Founder of Jitz University. 

The Founder of Grow Pro Media Agency

Lead Consultant of The A Team Mastermind.

The Digital Marketing Consultant for The Martial Arts Industry Association. 

And a Certified Digital Marketing Ninja

How in the world am I able to commit to all of this?!

It's pretty simple. 

I don't have any special talents...

I just have great SYSTEMS

And you can have that too.

It's All About Your Systems Manual...

It's amazing how many Martial Arts School Owners I Consult with that DO NOT have their Complete Systems Manual accomplished.  

So what exactly IS a Systems Manual? 

It is basically the Holy Grail of your Business.

Imagine taking everything that is in your brain and putting it down on paper - that is what your Systems Manual is.  

It is the basis for operating and maintaining your Academy's systems and is intended to be useful in the day to day operations of a School. 

Why is this so important?

Well I am sure you don't want to be working IN your business forever.

Working ON your business is much more enjoyable and will provide you with the FREEDOM you need to begin other projects or just relax!

And maybe you have Goals of opening a second or third location. Maybe you want to create an EMPIRE of Martial Arts Schools, not only to spread our Art, but to create OPPORTUNITIES for your students coming up under you.

Your Key to FREEDOM!
You're Going Back to White Belt

You will begin this Journey just like you began your Martial Arts Journey - as a White Belt!

Each Week we will unlock a Module and you will have specific Assignments. 

These Assignments will ultimately make up your Complete Systems Manual.

So what's in each Module?

I am glad you asked!

Unlock Your Potential
Once Inside, Here Is What You Will Learn
How to Create Your Core Focus  which will fuel every decision you make on and off the mat
How to Create Your Core Values which will guide your Team to make decisions WITHOUT YOU
Creating A Culture That Fits Your Academy
Your 1 Year, 3 Year, & 5 Year Goals - Let's Reverse Engineer Where You Want To Be
Your Programs Offered & Their Benefits
Perfecting Your Schedule For Your Facility
Kids Rotating Curriculum with Separate Age Groups
Adult Rotating Curriculum from White Belt to Black Belt!
Create Digital Floor Plans For The 7 Sections Of Your Class: Before Class, Bow In, Warm Up, Lesson, Drilling, Rolling, and Mat Chats!
Create Your Testing Requirements for both Kids & Adults
Develop Your Testing Cycles for both Kids & Adults
Develop Jaw Dropping Graduation Ceremonies
Create A Culture That Appreciates Testing & Requirements
List Out EVERY SINGLE Recurring Marketing Strategies That You Will Be Using EACH Month to Bring In HUNDREDS of LEADS!
List Out EVERY SINGLE Variable Marketing Strategies That You Will Be Using EACH Month to Bring In HUNDREDS of LEADS!
Create Your Retention Strategies To Keep Your Current Student Base Happy
Develop MONSTER MARKETING That You Will Use Every Single Month
Develop an "Always Be Marketing" Mindset
Develop Your Phone "Script" Guideline To ROCK One Of The Most Important Aspects Of Your Business
Develop A ROCKSTAR Tour That Hits On Every Benefit Of Your Unique Academy
Create The Paid Trial Offers You Will Be Using To Get People Into Your Academy
Create Your Sales Presentation That Will Give Your Prospects The Flexibility They Need For Their Budget
Develop Flip Books To Make Presenting Your Academy Seamless
Develop A Rockstar Onboarding Process That Makes Your New Client Feel Like A Superstar
Hash Out Every Element Of Your Enrollment Procedure To Make Sure Nothing Slips Through The Cracks
Create Your Operational Procedures
Daily Systems
Weekly Systems
Monthly Systems
Develop The Most Important Aspect Of Your Academy, Your Human Resources
Create Job Descriptions For Every Position Available, Including Your Own!
Create Your Hiring & Firing Policies
Develop Your Interview Process
Create Your Employee Handbook
Develop All Of Your Onboarding Paperwork For New Hires
Actually Look Like A Real Professional Business
Figure Out Your Role As The CEO
Pick The Top 12 Business Books To Read In The Next Year
Game-plan The Next 4 Business Seminars You Will Attend
Write Out Your Exiting Strategies & Goals
Digitize Your Systems Manual
So I Have To Ask You, What Would You Pay To Have Your ENTIRE Systems Manual Complete?
Imagine being able to hand your Systems Manual to your next Black Belt and say, "Let's go open another school!"

Imagine having everything that you have ever implemented into your school on paper.

Imagine being able to hire a Rockstar Team and for training say, "Today, please read pages 52 - 64 to learn about our Enrollment Process."

Imagine yourself in 10 weeks from now with this READY TO IMPLEMENT!

How much would that be worth to you?!

We could easily sell this course for $2,000+!

But you're not going to pay $2,000+.

You won't even pay $1,000.

You're going to get this course for only $297.
1 Time Payment
  • Black Belt In Business Systems Manual Course
  • 10 Weeks of Drip Released Content with Assignments 
  • Access all videos through our Online Portal or APP
  • Black Belt in Business Blueprint Template
100% Money Back Guarantee
Guys, I put a lot of time (18 Years to be exact), sweat, and tears into creating these system and making this Program for you. I am so completely confident in its quality and that you will have your Complete Systems Manual completed that I will take all the risk off of you and put it back on me. 

I'm offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If you get the course and don't think it is the kind of quality you were looking for, then we will refund you your investment back...No Questions Asked...But we know this won’t happen, because...well....

This System WORKS!!
So Click the Button Below and It Will Take You to Our Order Page. Fill out the Order Page and We Will Give You Your Access to Our Black Belt in Business Blueprint
1 Time Payment
  • Black Belt In Business Systems Manual Course
  • 10 Weeks of Drip Released Content with Assignments 
  • Access all videos through our Online Portal or APP
  • Black Belt in Business Blueprint Template
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