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Our Success Stories:
Amy Murray
Its no exaggeration when I say I love Bang Muay Thai. This curriculum based system is taking striking to a whole new level! Coach Vince McGuinness is very patient and detailed with his students. It's also a superb way to get in shape, meet new friends, and become a part of an awesome community! I highly reccomend you come check out Bang Muay Thai Tampa, it literally changed me life!
Chris Poherence
If you are looking to compete, learn self defense, or just to get in shape Coach Vince McGuinness will help you smash any goal you have. BMT combines many different striking styles into one easy to learn system. I joined this system to bring my striking to the next level and get my self ready to compete in the sport of MMA, It has done just that I'm now 2-0 in amateur MMA. I can't thank the staff and coaches of Bang Muay Thai Tampa / Gracie PAC enough for the positive impact they have made in my life. See you on the mats!

Stephanie Rodriguez
As a Mom of two boys, getting my fitness and cardio in is a top priority. Not only do I get an AWESOME work out at Bang Muay Thai, I am learning realistic self defense techniques.  The camaraderie on the mat is amazing.  Everyone is so helpful. I had zero Martial Arts experience prior to this and I was welcomed with open arms. If you want to get in shape, learn realistic self defense, have a blast, and meet some amazing people - then this is the place for you!
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